Your Time Helps

Please let us know how you can help by filling out our Time and Talent form. If your student has grandparents or other family members interested in helping, please have them fill out the form as well and indicate their relationship to the student in the final box.

Time & talent form

Room Parents

Being a room parent is a wonderful way to stay connected to your child, do activities in your child’s classroom, get to know other children and parents, and be involved at Dicken. You will not be alone. Most classes have many volunteers and more than 1 room parent, so you’ll get plenty of help.

Room parent duties include:

  • Coordinating class parties, picnics, and end-of-the-year staff appreciation events.
  • Helping with occasional classroom activities.
  • Creating a list of students’ names and corresponding e-mail addresses.
  • Assisting the teachers with school events if needed.

Garden Committee

Dicken has a wonderful school garden. Maintaining a garden of this size requires the help of a lot of hands. If you enjoy being outdoors, consider joining the garden committee, or even just helping out with weeding and watering outside of school hours.

PTO Board Members

Commitment to PTO board positions is for a one year time period. As parents leave the PTO board, we need to fill their positions. Every year we are looking for a few new people to join us on the board.

PTO board members help make decisions regarding the raising and spending of funds to support Dicken teachers, staff, and students. In addition, the PTO board helps organize and run various events that contribute to a fun environment at the school and help boost community spirit.

Event Committees

Many events happen throughout the year at Dicken, and someone needs to bring them to life. We are always looking for volunteers to chair and assist with committees for events such as the Pumpkin Patch, Family Movie Nights, Ice Cream Social, and more.

Individual Events

Even if you can’t commit to a bigger project, we are often in need of help in 30- or 60-minute increments to help out at school events. These might include things like setting up luminaries for the winter walk or working a game at the Pumpkin Patch.