PTO Board Meeting Minutes: February 25, 2021

Called to order 7:03 via zoom call.  


  • Need to establish a committee to determine details for Yearbooks.
    • Lifetouch details provided through advance reading material ($8 each). Based on comparisons, this seems to be cost-efficient option and would allow for continuity with past years.
    • Decisions:
      • Plan to get photos through zoom rather than having families submit to address equity
      • No groups from this year to avoid having kids who aren’t able to gather with others feel isolated.
      • Focus on the 5th grade class; coordinate with families to get candids from 5th
    • Committee: Adrienne Licata, Jen Miller and Jessica Posey signed up to support and Jen will reach out to other parents to form a committee.

March is Reading Month

  • Identify books – Teachers are each selecting books for their class, must be paperback, and providing the number that they need. For kindergarten, the teachers may coordinate to select two books so they can offer kids options based on reading level. Selections and quantities are due to Jessica Posey by Monday.
  • Kim Walsh and Hallie to support purchasing once we receive the list from Jessica Posey. We have some funding for Scholastic from last year to use; Jen to provide information. Planning to spend some of our revenue to help get physical books in the hands of all students.
  • Distribution: Supply drive could be parent/teacher scheduled and run (approved by Heather Halabu). We will leverage mailing list/drop off for families who are not able to pick up materials. Targeting delivery by end of March for Reading Month.

Newsletter – Translation Services

  • Heather Halabu to confirm current need for translation services and provide the list to Alex.
  • Alex Harman will reach out to University of Michigan contacts to see if we can get support for translation services.
  • And, we will also explore other options based on list of languages needed and required frequency.

School Improvements

  • Exploring tables that can be used for classes to eat or learn. For example, teachers can sign up for class time.
  • Discussed opportunity to invest in Garden improvements/outdoor classroom. Some funds are available that have been earmarked for this effort (approximately $18,000).
  • PTO committed to assessing opportunities for improvements through Spring. We identified the need for teacher and parent input. Jessica Posey will request input from teachers. Discussed a parent survey after we gather some initial ideas. Augustina and Jess volunteered to work on the committee.

Online Discussion Space

  • Jen Miller to set up a google doc or other option for ongoing discussion and ideation between PTO board meetings. We will aim to have nudges included to alert team members to check for updates.


  • Stipend checks coming for all staff members to be distributed at the meeting on Wednesday, March 3.
  • Hospitality working on appreciation goodie bags for staff funded by PTO

Meeting adjourned at 8:23 pm.