In attendance: Elizabeth Hood, Laite Odetola, Amy Drummond, Mike Madison, Amy Robbins, Amy Nelson, Adrienne Licata, Janine Hutchinson, Celia Gargaro, Bonnie Kerber, , Amy Nelson, Maggi Kennel plus more….

  • Kerber’s House
  • Meeting called to order at 7:00
  • January 7th first PTO meeting of 2016 at Peggy’s house.
  • Winter Walk January 26th
  • Kindergarten Roundup February 9th

Principal report out 7:15

Mike reports:

  • Thank you for the new lunch baskets. They all match now!
  • Draw your destiny assembly was a success and classes all got drawings.
  • Recess gardeners have wrapped up; Carolyn Hermann has been such a driving force for the garden. She can’t do it past this year, so we need to find someone to do it for next year (Nikki Klein perhaps?)
  • Recess singers has begun and they had a lunch performance.
  • Thank you to parents that came to the flu shot clinic, over 42 families were serviced. That will be done again next year. Rite Aide was the provider.
  • Cameras for doors are going to be implemented soon. The cameras will be used from 7-4 most likely.
  • Community night at Potluck went well, not sure yet the amount made.
  • Food pantry is going well so far. Rachel Egelhof has been working with food gatherers to get food for the pantry.
  • Third graders had the Thanksgiving feast. Well done, thanks to third grade parents.
  • Knox Church delivered 47 baskets and 5 were donated and so 53 baskets overall were donated.
  • 2nd grade half went to the library and half will go December 16th.
  • 5th grade went to winter survival and it was successful, the rest of the group will go
  • Winnie the Pooh for Kindergarten December 4th.
  • 4th grade winter concert is coming up and volunteers are needed.
  • Winter Break starts December 18th through January 2. January 4th starts back school.
  • WESO fair on January 6th!
  • PTO snacks that are provided are much needed and helpful.

President report out Amy Robbins

  • Teacher pantry stocked but needs to brought to the school- $202 spent
  • Costco membership can be assigned to 2 people, as of right now we are going to go without buying one for the PTO.

Cindy Donovan-Treasurer

  • Pumpkin patch made about $600.
  • Spirit wear money was used for shirts to give out for incoming kindergarteners and also for auction items. Website only ordering this time was a bit glitch but the consensus is to give it one more year to see how it goes. Backpack mail and blast was used.   The order will come to the school for distribution.

Laite Odetola-room parent

  • Holiday party service project??
  • Door decoration competition will be happening in January.

Peggy and Bonnie- Enrichment

  • Starlight theater-performance for the school to come in March
  • Stream table? Is there a room that it could be set up in?
  • Family reading night/used book sale-date is needed along with a storyteller (Tentative March 31st and used book sale April 1st 6-7:30)

Adrienne Licata-

  • She will print the copies of the blast. Wendy Tashian will translate and print the Spanish blast.
  • January 4th Mocha
  • February 9th Kindergarten round up in the evening.
  • Winter Walk 1/26 back up on 1/28 Peety’s donut truck is $350 to have them come. $200 donuts unlimited for an hour, $175 for cider, coffee $175 ( all per hour) The group is thinking it is probably too expensive. As of now we will go back to just having cookies and cocoa.

Janine Hutchinson-PTOC

  • Movie license bought for the entire district
  • WESO still needs coaches.
  • Learning express not a great deal of participation.

Celia Gargaro-Teacher liason

The teachers are running low on paper, Patty has the paper budget for the year, so she can go ahead and order paper for January.


Amy and Maggi met with the group and decided to change the venue. March 18th at the Polo Fields. $2000 is the charge.

Meeting adjourned at 9:44 by Amy Robbins